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There is no set fee structure. Each project undertaken is quoted for prior to completion. All costs and the initial deposit are negotiated with the Client when finalising the design brief. Any variation on the 'signed off' brief during production may incur price adjustments. The Client is in consultation throughout the design and production stages.

Our production services include:

  • 2D and 3D artwork/graphics - design and production of logos, stationery, business graphics, posters and any other print media.

  • 2D and 3D dynamic and static graphics for web pages digital video, animation, advertising and other multimedia applications.

  • Slides shows for promotion and staff training - including self marking assessments, available across all media and delivery methods.

  • Comprehensive 3D product modeling - including Virtual Reality rendering and animation.

  • Graphic design and production for websites and other delivery methods like DVD and CDROM.

  • Fully edited video, audio, special effects for the web and other delivery methods.

  • WebTV - broadcast your own TV advertisement or infomercial across the Web.

  • specialised scripting and programming environments.
  • Web Hosting and Domain registration.

  • Internet Marketing.
  • Website Optimisation.

All the digital media products are available in a variety of formats and they can be prepared for delivery in many applications/situations.

eviz digital media guarantees excellent customer communication and satisfaction.



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With over 35 years experience in Industry and Education
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